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My name is Eliesha and I am super excited to be your massage therapist! I would love take this opportunity to give you some insight to my background and what brought me into massage therapy. My healthcare journey began several years ago while working in the medical field from a Certified Nurses Aide to becoming a Licensed Nurse. My main objective in life has always been to help people. My nursing career has brought many different skills over the years along with certifications such as Wound and IV certified.

After completing an 800 hour massage therapy program with 500 hands on hours, taking a deeper dive into anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology I finally am ready to show you what I can bring to the table! My goal is to utilize my wide range education to provide a comprehensive assessment to best determine which modality or combination of modalities is most appropriate for your session. Whether you are struggling with pain, need to relax, want to promote your mental health, or even just curious on the benefits of massage therapy I am your girl!

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